Fire Alarm

Protection Security offers sophisticated fire detection systems that are designed to be easily integrated with other solutions to help protect your facilities, your property and your inventory and, most importantly, the people inside. Our fire alarm systems, consisting of the latest technology, will be installed, serviced, tested and monitored to ensure that if a fire does break out, everyone will know right away.

Facility managers of schools, hospitals, businesses and residential complexes are facing the challenge of ensuring that their facilities fire/life safety systems are in compliance with the rapidly changing and increasingly complex codes. Protection Security offers the technical expertise and the product lines that ensure that your facilities are safe and in compliance with local, state and national requirements.

Choosing the best fire alarm system for your business is the first step towards complete fire protection. The quality of the installation and the monitoring of the system are also important factors to look at. The 24-hour monitoring provides safety and security for your business, because even when you are not there, someone is keeping a watchful eye on your assets.

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